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Before anyone is going to complain about me using the english speaking section. Well, let's just say, it's there and I am certain that once it actually gets used english speaking people will find their way to this forum and start contributing.

Anyhow, I've been wondering about something.

Somebody suggested to use a different word once you are not training the formal re-call (Hier) in Schutzhund. Means to use a different word than Hier while you are on a walk.

We've never done that. Hier means Hier and the dogs can differ a walk from Schutzhund. Do you think using a different word is a little overboard? Why would anyone go through all the trouble to re-train a dog so he listens to a different word when he's off training. Doesn't that defeat the purpose?
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I don't mind you using the English section, keeps my mind on its toes trying to find the correct words... :-)

I use different words on walks or around the house than in training, e.g. the "Hier" - at home I use "Come" - because I am too lazy to insist on the dog conducting the order properly, so if I say Hier my dog has to turn around on his paw, race toward me and sit in front straight. On "Come" he is allowed to sort of move himself in my direction and somehow sit in front or beside me. It's more laid back, he is still obedient and knows what is expected of him, and I do not have to reinforce 100% correct execution of my orders.

Same with "Platz", I do not use it at home, when I want him to just lie down and keep quiet somehow I use "Legen" and it's not too fatal if he decides to move around a little or get up at some point. "Platz", however, means "be tied to the ground and don't you move until I say so".

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Exactly!!! I train also in such a way.

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I use most of the commands outside training too and have no issues as of yet, however I also use different words such as "leg dich hin" or "Auf kommt" instead of Hier. It really depends on the situation, sometimes, when I am on off leash hikes and a situation occures I use HIER or PLATZ! to make them go down because I know they will go down. If they don't, next thing you'll see is a woman re-hearsing a command in the middle of the woods. LOL

I never actually put much thought into intentionally using different commands other than Hier. Does it really make such a difference?

By the way, do you use a word to release your dogs? I usually use "free" like in here:
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