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Worming pregnant bitch
Hi guys & gals

I have a question.
I was at the vets yesterday to get my bitches pregnancy confirmed.
The vet told me I should worm her with panacur daily from now on.
I have tried to look up the notes but the intervet site is down.
There seems to be a great conflict in advice about this.
My own personal understanding was that you should worm her before mating and then not again until after she has whelped.

Any opinions on this please.

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Hello Chris,

yes, your personal understanding is right, I would never worm a bitch whitch is in welp daily, your vet´s advice is unbelievable.
I worm my female before mating and than again (the puppies and the female) two weeks after dob.
Gruß Petra
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Hi Chris,

I agree with Petra, before pregnancy and then after the birth (bitch and puppies). I've never heard this before worm a bitch in pregnancy daily, but maybe someone here has other experience.

I would contact another vet for his opinion.

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Thanks Petra & Helga

It seems that the majority of DSH breeders think this is a bad idea but here in the UK vets are saying it is ok to give panacur daily.
I will err on the side of caution and not do as the bitch shows no sign of worms.


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Hi Chris,

as long as there is no suspicion on worms would it be nonsense to give medicine daily. And if your bitch had no problems up to now, from my experience it is rather unlikely that it happen.

Good luck Smile

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Hi Chris,
we worm our pregnant bitches after the 42th day of
pregnancy (but only three days).
Panacur is the one you can take for pregnant bitches.
Most of the others are not allowed in pregnancy.

I have good experience with this, we do it in every bitch.

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